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21 thoughts on “American Presidents Part 1 | BWG

  1. Notice how even at the very beginning, itโ€™s the evil democrats that start wars, fight against freeing the slaves, killed the native Americans and forced them out of their lands, started the KKK, and making all of the stupidest decisions that hurt our country. They are the leftovers racists of the south that hate our country because the Union one to free the slaves. I still believe they hate our country and are trying their best to destroy it and corrupt the government. They are still doing crap like this to this day with the Obama and now Joe Biden.

  2. I disagree with Lincoln's position. It should be, for the top 10 starting with the best: FDR, then George Washington, then James Madison, then Thomas Jefferson, then Abraham Lincoln, then James K Polk, then JFK, then Dwight D Eisenhower, then TR, and finally Harry S Truman. However, this video is very well made and I love the effort put in. ๐Ÿ™‚
    However, Calvin Coolidge deserves the 11th spot since he was just an all around good guy. Also, the placements for some of the presidents aren't very good and should be fixed.

  3. America, I remember you though many have forgotten I live on with the fruit planted by those who came before me. For as long as I live I will carry myself with as much history as I can remember to honor what has been forsaken.

  4. I saw the comment explaining that the rankings are subjective and taken from a separate institute, but I can't get over the fact that George Washington wasn't ranked number 1. I am unaware of any other figure in history who had every opportunity to rule as a king or dictator who turned down that offer on principle. Revolutionary leaders, especially generals, almost always become dictators. He was even offered the position. Yet, he turned it down and set a precedent of two terms for future presidents that was only broken by one of America's most overrated presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    There are similar reasons for why Abraham Lincoln should be ranked as number 2. It would probably be prudent if rankings were limited to those that the rankers were not alive for to avoid bias.

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