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49 thoughts on “American Revolutionary War | BWG

  1. And so began a spiral of unfortunate events that would eventually lead to the birth of gen z the absolute worst generation I’m a gen z and I hate my generation thanks America for creating such bitches

  2. 4:46 only a few french militia men were able to take out the Americans.
    There was only 19 casualties caused to the french militia, and the Americans had 84 casualties (including the general) and over 400 men captured.
    A very bad idea to attack a stone fortresses city during a Canadian blizzard

  3. Kinda weird how personal these wars are to people today.
    I'm just glad things have worked out to this point.
    If I could change one thing, it would be the attack on Quebec. The revolutionary army was outmanned, outgunned, had almost no supplies, and worst of all, no information about what they were up against.
    Would've been cool to have a united continent under a single representative Republic though.

  4. 5:43
    Thomas Jefferson : All men are created equal. All have the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
    Audience applause. clap loud.

    Women(with heavenly happiness) :
    Mr. Jefferson, you are great. We just love you. The sentence you stated ❝All humans are created equal ❞ is in one word [super impressive]. Now we women will work together with men, share all the civil and legislative rights and get the right to vote. Yippee!!!

    Thomas Jefferson : Oh dear ladies, you didn’t hear it right. I said all 'men' are created equal. Not all humans. Women are made to be protected and enjoyed by men. Why do you need all those men's right? Just go and manage your household, take care if your children. We men are enough to vote and elect the right president. You are not needed here.

    Women(crying) : we hate you!!!

  5. The British: "Now don't go selling contraband to these rebels, Dutch Republic"
    Dutch Government: "That's fair"
    Dutch Merchants: "But money"
    Dutch Government: "That's fair"

    The British: "Now don't go selling contraband to the French, Dutch Republic"
    Dutch Government: "According to our treaty, these things aren't contraband"
    The British: "Wait that's illegal"

    And now you know the reason for the 4th Anglo-Dutch war.
    Also you wouldn't say it with how brief a mention it is, but apparently trade with Dutch Sint Eustatius provided for half the American war materials.
    Also also, the British really weren't happy so the Dutch in a token effort to try and 'control' their merchants replaced the governor of Sint Eustatius. Then that new governor ordered a reply salute for the American ship that sailed into it's harbour. The ship fired 13 cannons to signal the 13 colonies, and the fort fired 11 back as a sign of recognition that the flag they're sailing under (USA) was legit (which apparently requires you to fire 2 less cannons?).
    Finally, after the British declared war on the Dutch they had 15 warships and numerous support ships carrying 3000 soldiers at Eustatius so quickly that the island hadn't even heard that it was war yet. Having about a dozen cannons vs roughly 600 on the warships and a single small company vs the 3000, they fired 2 cannons in defiance (and in honor of some general iirc) and then surrendered.

  6. All these videos in English language almost never ever mention the aid of Spain in the war of independence of the USA
    The Spanish helped with millones in silver weaponry and even Spanish soldiers and general helped Washington to win the war

  7. Kinda hilarious how the one of the first demonstrations in America was a tea dumping like imagine Amazon being able to sell products without paying taxes but you do… oh wait

  8. Why is nothing said about the Spanish military operations in Florida and the Mississippi Valley, and the enormous aid that Spain provided the Americans in material and money? They only speak of French aid but never of the Spanish that was so important or more than the French.

  9. The United States is The strong country and I love it and The Saudi people go to United States study and American go to Saudi Arabia works 🇺🇸🇸🇦❤️

  10. Britian finds America and settles and tells the World.
    French and spain settle iin Amerca and loot and steal and wipe out most of the mayan and inca civilization
    American settlers ask Britian to Help..
    Britian goes to war and wipes out the French and spanish from America.
    Britian now Broke and asks America to pay back..
    America back stabs Britian says No…
    Britain slams heavy Taxes to get back the money lost in helping the Americans against the French and Spanish.
    America says No… wants independents… begins the Act of Treason against King George
    America muders the British diplomats.
    Britian goes to War to stop the rebelion of independents
    French fund American war against the British
    America wins the war….
    French so broke after helping the American war it begins the start the French revoloution
    Next 400 years of American history is deciding what state is a Slave state and whats not a slave state
    American Civil War… end of Slavery
    2021 nothing changed 🙁

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