Does Talent Exist? Is Talent Just Hard Work? (animated)
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Does Talent Exist? Is Talent Just Hard Work? (animated)

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Are you talented? Or could it be that you’re just hard working? The talent myth is built on the idea that innate ability, rather than practice, is what ultimately … .


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44 thoughts on “Does Talent Exist? Is Talent Just Hard Work? (animated)

  1. Of course talent exist. For example: Kurt Cobain had a natural talent for music since he was a child, but also he practiced hard. The same happens with other musicians that achieve great success. There is something special with those kind of people that cannot be obtained in any way, by hard work. That’s why you can see tons and tons of good musicians in YouTube that can play guitar or some other instrument very well but will never create a master piece on their own. How science can explain why some children can recall tunes from memory or have other skills related, like composition, perfect ear. Etcetera? That’s talent!

  2. For me, talent is just a matter of perspective. There are close to infinite variables that make us the way we are and the way we think, it's just having a sufficient amount of encouragement and discouragement that we have towards a certain field. In some cases, talent is defined as having a better physique or genetics, where a person is given the potential of having a better chance of being better than others. That's basically how far talent goes, where talent is merely a multiplier or a head start that is given to you throughout or in the future after you were born.

  3. I do believe in talent. You can practice all you want, you aren’t making it to NBA, sorry to rain on your parade 🙂 same with other “trainings”. Just the very simple task that doesn’t require talent you can succeed in by training hard.
    Go train and become a rocket scientist when you are far from smart with IQ of a 100, cannot ever memorize the square root of 100 but truly believe in what your video says.
    Let me know how it goes. Haha
    You are right about manual repetition that mostly has nothing to do with talent. Anyone can do it. Anything above that requires talent.

  4. actually talent DOES determine to succeed. Many people would turn to advices on how to turn their failure into success by watching/reading/listening to what people who made it in life would say to do so. Only a few people would succeed while most would stay down. The few would do the same until the vicious cycle continues and we'll get more people who fail while less and less succeeding. It's never about the advices. It's about being born with it. The sooner we accept how truly uncomfortable it is, the sooner we'd stop wasting our time practicing for a dream we'd lose more than we'd gain when acheived. I've failed a lot in life and i tried learning from my failures but they all kelpt piling up until you can no longer just learn but dibilitate you completely. It's never about the mentality, the strategy, or which method. It's about being born with certain genetic traits on a uniformed environment that has random factors that will either determine success or failure similar to that of being in the wild. If i was in the wild, i would've been eaten already and however got the better out of me first would advance and progress. this "positive" thinking is lethal and only the smartest predators would use this to their advantage. these videos need to stop and people need to stop looking for something to pat their backs with. there's always either another path to succeed where your success is without fail or stop trying and focus on survival. the more people would seek "help" from "motivational speakers" and whatnot, the more we are giving them the satisfaction of being a predator.

  5. I think that talent does exist, but hard work wins the talent, also if you take inventors for example, their cognitive power is much greater than average people, IQ also matters. And surrounding is most important thing, because we do what our authorities do (like our parents or maybe friends, if your conscience is not developed), if you are born in the poor family, it's more likely that you will stay poor.

  6. I am a strong beliver of hard work beating talent. However do the math: 10 000 hours of practice i n10 years means 3 hours each and every day. No day off. Is it even possible? I mean OK, that's what a determined person would do, but 3 hours, no rest, no being sick, nothing. It is more than 10 years.

  7. "Innate ability, rather than practice…" Nobody says that. Well, dismissive idiots definitely say that about artists, but for rational people who aren't morons, no, nobody says that…

    Innate ability is only useful if it is DEVELOPED. Otherwise, it is untapped, untested, untrained and irrelevant.

    Those who know that talent is real and that talent simply stems from measurable and real DIFFERENCES between individuals would NEVER say innate ability is sufficient to achieve mastery – innate ability AND practice is the ONLY thing any rational person says – your first statement is a STRAW-MAN argument.

    Everyone has heard of the "ten thousand hours to mastery" concept but very few realize the AUTHOR of the popularity of the concept was also clear that TALENT was necessary as a foundation, and lacking a foundation, mastery was simply never going to occur….

    Ten thousand hours develops what you HAVE – ten thousand hours cannot CREATE abilities that you lack, hey, if you think any random persons abilities will MATCH any other random persons abilities, maybe you are missing a fundamental concept that though humans are mostly similar, it is the differences that make each one of us unique – we ALL have tons of talent, but usually not the same talents and not the same interest in developing those talents because each of us are often radically different in desires and attitudes…

  8. For me it's a 50/50 thing. Though I must agree that talent are not really inhereted from parents. It comes from our Creator. I could already carry a tune at 1 year old before I could talk according to my mom who is not a good singer herself. But I didn’t become a world class singer because I did not spend all my time just singing. I had other things in my life like studies and household chores to attend to.

  9. I think there are many factors. But maybe the essence of incorporating a skill is BELIEVING YOU CAN.
    For example, if a kid is seen as a talented person in some activity, then he will grow up with that belief, with expectations and hope from other people, all wich will push him to be the best, and will also have the effect of making his mind believe he is talented, so he will naturally do the activity with ease. Whereas when a person is tagged as non talented in some activity since is a kid, then he well grow up with such a nonsense belief, that will make him feel he is useless, and then this will make him not trying to dl it, or even will make him try doing the activity but then blocking himself whit his own negative emotions about his skills. Or, even worse, he will see his false lack of talent as a part of his identity (and so the other people).
    And because this person doesn't even try, then maybe when he must perform that activity due to a test, then, after not having trained himself in the activity, will not get results and will continue tagging himself as non talented. It is a vicious circle.
    I deeply believe mind is the very basis of our lifes. So first look at it, try to identify your emotions and thoughts, and realize how they are strongly responsible for your life results, either good ones and bad ones.
    There are more things to mention about skills, but again, I think the essence of being successful IS BELIEVING YOU CAN BE. Then the other necessary things will naturally come, like hard work, or even talent… Because when you believe you can, then your mind starts to work more efficiently and will make much easier things (which you will maybe perceive as talent) …. Whereas if you do not trust in your potential, then your mind will not be at his 100% because she will unconsciously make you be coherent with your beliefs.
    Have a look on Polgar sisters amazing history, btw.

  10. Talent exits. It's a special individual trait that u are born with that NOBODY else can have…… I've personally see two pianists go head to head (One went to A LOT of piano lessons and the other just played it for fun and was a bit rusty). The guy that DIDN'T play it as often as the other COMPLETELY DESTROYED the other guy, making a complete fool of him. So that shouldn't even be a question, you can even look at the music industry…. some musicians have certain capabilities that other CAN'T DUPLICATE NO MATTER HOW HARD THEY WANT TO WORK AT MASTERING THEIR SKILLS.

  11. I've never heard of somebody mastering anything without working hard for it. What I do see however, are child "prodigies" that never grew up to get better than they were 5. It seems practice makes perfect, and being perfect cannot replace practice.

  12. Talent does not exist and it is a stupid concept. Talent is just a word for luck. If everyone in your family is good at piano and you are good at it too, you are not talented you are lucky. Skill and luck are the only things that exist. I hate it when people call other people talented because they didn't get to that level because of talent (because it doesn't exist, it is just luck), they got there because of skill and nothing else.

  13. Practice for sure!) I'm an artist and got used to hear "Oh you're so happy, you're talented") But it was only when I starting making art on a daily basis and profecionally when I realized how unfair it was) Like people don't tell you "Wow , how many hours did you spend, how much efford did you make?", etc) I think it's only some excuse for the majority to explane their underperformance in something) Thanks for your channel!)

  14. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say talent could be genetic. Why don’t you have perfect pitch? The artistic ability of Michaelangelo? The incentive ability of Leonardo Da Vinci. By using extremes we can see there is unexplained variation of ability among different people that isn’t because of hard work alone.

  15. Very good video. In math, intuition is important, but you also have to be able to focus selectively on information and follow-up with analytical thinking to solve problems.

  16. It does boil down to practice but not a 10,000 hour metric. Talent can be learned much faster with great teachers and/or methods. To the extent that talent exists, perhaps it exists as passion or some other drive toward mastery, if not the mastery itself. As such talent doesn't always manifest skill, when the goal changes before it is realized.

  17. …a 6 year old kid solving physics equations that the MIT professors struggle with, or an 11 year old kid penetrating the firewall and hacks the FBI, or a 4 year old kid playing Paganinis 5th better than Paganini, or a 12 year old kid painting a portrait of the Christ like a photograph…

    You cant deny that there is just something special about some people. I get the fact that practice plays a huge part, but some people can practice intently for years pouring hrs and hrs into a certain field, and here comes a 10 year old kid who has mastered in 10 months what took the other poor fool 20 years.

    Sorry mate, but sometimes you gotta face the facts and reality. You cant solder up two wires together with a chainsaw.

  18. There are people who born with less IQ (in severe case mentally handicapped) they would need to work much harder to achieve the same results and there are people who born with higher IQ though, but most of the people are in normal range of IQ.

  19. Natural talent exists. Of course if someone works extremely hard then they can reach a level of ability that resembles talent. And of course to be ‘talented’ in most disciplines you have to put hard work. But there’s no denying that some skills and abilities come easier to some people than others. I was considered some kind of prodigy child in primary school; I used to learn the same lessons, from the same teachers, as anyone else. Just very different results.

  20. Moreover, working as effectively as possible is just as much a ‘gift’ and a ‘talent’ as any traditionally accepted physical ability. For your ‘hard work’ to actually translate into success is just as much luck as any physical advantage you’re already lucky enough to have. It’s only in hindsight you can appreciate the ways you ‘worked hard’ in a way that was effective. It’s the same kind of luck that has you find the ’right’ teacher to help train you. All the ‘hard work’ in the world can’t overcome that shortcoming if it happens and you can’t post hoc take any real personal credit for the catalogue of lucky circumstances that truly are the cause of your success should you have it. The idea of a work ethic being the cause for anyone’s success is such a satisfyingly equitable paradigm that we don’t want to entertain the idea that at root it is in fact bullshit. But all the honest evidence says that it is.

  21. So the only reason I’m not Mozart is the lack of hours put in? Forget the fact that perfect pitch is not an acquirable skill. It can’t be learned. Forget the fact that Mozart was DEAD by age 35. He spent less time at his craft than the average hack who may dedicate 70 plus years to their craft and obviously still not get remotely close to the body and quality of work that the likes of a Mozart did. The uncomfortable truth is that people are not remotely equally endowed when it comes to specific endeavours like composing, playing an instrument, golf, swimming, fine art, football, boxing, literature etc…A lifetime of ‘hard work’ can pretty much guarantee mediocrity as a minimum goal for basically everybody, no matter their starting point. I think that’s probably true. But the idea that anybody can excel to all time world class standards at anything by sheer will of ‘hard work’ is delusional nonsense. If I’m 5’1 with one arm, and my all consuming dream is to be a hall of fame basketball player in the NBA. My work ethic won’t be the proximate cause of my inevitable failure.

  22. This reminds of something that happened to me. Throughout my childhood my brothers knew how to whistle well enough and i didnt. Then when I got older, one day I just decided to start practcing every time of the day I could, and in a few months i could whistle very very well.I still practice whistling at every opportunity i get and now u can whistle any song i want, so its pretty cool

  23. First of all, what is TALENT?
    Definition of talent from Google: natural aptitude or skill (essentially what you're born with, or just luck)
    Talent is just a form of luck, if you are born with a higher amount of fast-twitch muscles like Usain Bolt, you can become a faster sprinter more easily than other people who have less fast-twitch muscles just because of genetic LUCK.
    Nobody is born with anything other than their physical body and mind. Skills and abilities are developed over time, not born with, nobody can solve a quadratic equation the second they're born
    If you are born with 10 fingers, two working eyes, nose, ears, and all organs in working condition, you CAN basically do anything, and talent is out of the picture.

    Does hard work beat talent? YES, because talent is just luck and hard work will progress you further in your subject of interest than talent ever will!
    If you want to become truly successful (not becoming super rich, famous, smart, or whatever, but just satisfied with your life), you need more than hard work. You need a passion for something, be it video games, art, programming, etc., and work hard to become better.

    SUCCESS = EFFECTIVE WORK = HARDWORK*PASSION + LUCK(Includes talent, could be better or worse for you, but you can't change it)

    VERDICT: You can't change your talent/luck, but you can always work harder and develop a passion while doing so to yield more effective work and success

  24. Did Mozart just write more symphonies? Or Beethoven just practised more. Michael J just worked harder then his 4 brothers, and Shumacher simply did more laps. Ronaldo kicked more , MJ shot more hoops Seneca argued more where as Socrates simply thought more. Shakespeare just wrote more poems and most of all Michael Angelo and Rembrandt just painted more then everybody else. All these people simply put in more effort then all of us and voila!
    Lets turn that around hey faillure it has nothing to do with genes luck brakes circumstance envioment location war famine its JUST you dummy IF you had practised more you would have been Beethoven… We must be a lazy stupid species otherwise there would not be just one Warren Buffet Bill Gates Prince Henry Fonda Ennio Morricone Eddy Merkx Elvis Arnold Julius Caesar etc….

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