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24 thoughts on “Remembering 9/11, Minute by Minute | BWG

  1. I am concerned. This was a horrific day that changed the world. After 9-11, the world felt (from what I have been taught) different. It became a dangerous, scary place and it still is. I am worried that this horrible change will simply be ignored by younger generations, younger than me. And I can't stand the jokes, the disrespect, and disregard for what happened and it's effects.

  2. We’ve seen horrific days in this country. We’ve seen things like Pearl Harbor. But this was an attack on innocent people. Ordinary people. In the name of a religion. A sickening ideology held by people too scared to face our military face to face on the battlefield. They’d rather terrorize innocent lives around the world to meet their goals. I’ve heard younger kids who weren’t even alive in 2001 say “Get over it” namely on tiktok. Get over it? This event scarred me for life. I was in second grade watching on the tv in class as this happened. This event was the first event in a long time that COLLECTIVELY pissed off EVERY. SINGLE. AMERICAN. Didn’t matter what race, political party, or religion you were. This was the moment you knew America was out for vengeance.

  3. in about 3 months after that happened in 2001 there were TONS of videos showing bombs going off in the WTC before it collapsed, bombs going off in the underground even before the plane hit the 1st tower, videos with people saying that they have received an anonymous call that day to "not go to work", videos of firefighters running away from the WTC because there were boms going off, videos about the security company that was changed a few days before the attack and showing some unidentified strange black vans arriving WTC 1 day before the attack. I remember I watched here this kind of stuff 20 years ago… All of these videos were banned on YT of course? =) So sad that they are covering up the truth. After everything I watched and read in about 2-3 months after this tragic incident… I think this was an inside job. Not terrorist attack.

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