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41 thoughts on “Study In Germany Without Blocked Account

  1. Is it possible to study in Germany without a blocked account?💰👀⁠ 👉 YES, if you fulfill one of the requirements.

    👉🏻 Time Stamps:

    1:18 What is a blocked account?

    2:16 Why is it good to open an account?

    5:04 Where can I open a blocked account?

    6:56 Do I open an account before or after arrival?

    7:46 Should I pay a deposit to university before opening a blocked account?

    8:30 How do I close a blocked account?

    9:10 How do I open a blocked account?

    9:38 How long does it take to open an account?

    10:52 How do I make it happen not to open a blocked account?

    14:14 Is an invitation or scholarship applicant a priority?

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  2. Thankyou for this all information.
    I am from India and want to start my bachelor degree in Germany but I belong from poor family background. And my father is farmer who merely earn ₹500000 per annum. Is there any way for me to study in Germany?

  3. Hi
    Is there any validity for verpflichtungserklärung
    I got the document which was issued in April 2021 by my relative in Germany and my visa appointment date is august 2021 so is it still valid ?

    I read somewhere it’s only valid for 3 months from the date of issue and visa appointment date can you please confirm.

  4. hi Yana! i have a question. do i need to show proof of a blocked account when i apply for a residence permit since i will have to extend my visa to study there. what if i came with a scholarship or a verpflichtungserklaerung? can i show them that instead?

  5. Hey! Thanks for the informative videos. In one of your articles you have mentioned that it is not possible to get a visa with a conditional offer letter. The condition mentioned in my offer letter is to complete an additional course in my first year of masters. Will I be denied a visa because of this reason?

  6. Привет,Яна) как ты сама попала в Германию? Я имею в виду чем ты сама пользовалась? У меня достаточно сложная ситуация: на блок счёт точно не хватит, в Германии знакомых нет,чтобы попросить опекунство, из-за возраста (мне 16,когда (надеюсь) поеду будет 17) не дадут спонсорство и подходит только попечительство от родителей… пройдёт ли это? Help me pls

  7. I'm from iraqi Kurdistan i graduate diploma degree in this month My uncle in Germany what can he do for me if you know 10000 euro to much for me here need for work ten years hhh so can my uncle open block account in germany does use here for get visa and also when i study in University can i work earn money and another question when open University in Germany thanks for help cute❤️

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  9. Hello everyone , My name is Zayn and I'm 19 y.o, I come from Africa algeria, I'm a foreign languages student , I Speak tree languages and I understand a bit Turkish and I'm learning Spanish , my dream is to study in Germany in and achieve my dreams and save my mom and my two siblings , I have a problem with the bank account , I don't have 10k euros I can't afford , What should I do please? 🌻

  10. Hey yana I've a query! Umm well i can manage 1st year of blocked account but the thing is as per my knowledge they'll also ask for 2nd year of blocked account funds i mean they'll just check the income of my parents. But I've a problem I'm not able to show this thing. I can only show 1st year of blocked account

  11. Hii.. thank you for sharing this helpful information…🙂 Also, I want to know whether I can do my master's program in the field of clinical research or pharma where I have the 1 year CR experience but having the UG degree in Biomedical engineering…

    Please let me know if I can do my master's in CR or not!!!

  12. hi is there any possibility to work a part time job a not opening a blocked account again in the second year to renew the residence permit . i hope you answer

  13. Hello ma'am , after getting a Verpflichtungserklärung is it necessary that my host needs to pay for my accommodation , fees , etc or can my parents back at home pay for my expenses ? (I am having trouble affording £10000 for blocked account in one go, however I can afford all of my monthly expenses of £800)
    Ma'am please reply as soon as possible !

  14. I've some financial problem that's why very tough for me to provide the money into block account🥺. Is there anybody who can sponsor me???
    It'll be very very much helpful for me

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