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28 thoughts on “The Secret To Germany’s Powerful Economy

  1. Let me guess. Those world "economist" that attacked german system on social measures and high workers wages, predicting it will fail, are neoliberalist and and on corporations pay lists. Germany is a proof that the more economy serves the people the stronger it will be, contrary to neoliberal lies, which only serves to make all the money to go to certain small group of stakeholders and CEOs (that in reality do nothing for the companies and the economy), while others should live miserably

  2. "And even healthcare". You're aware that this hasn't anything to do with the job, right? Healthcare is a human right in all developed countries except the USA and is in no way tied to employment here in Germany

  3. Japan has an even more extreme version of company loyalty which are kept for generations in businesses and companies as an act of honor. So Japan may have partly some aspects of Mittelstands culture.

  4. Germany is not the richest country in Europe. Norway, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerlands all are richer than Germany. Get ur facts right. And they dont invest that much more money on R&D compared to American companies as % of GDP. Stop being so ignorant and just posing random facts that are FÀCTUALLY WRONG. The German success is due to their small banks and there a lot of them in Germany. Big banks dont led to SME, only small banksdid that. Germany has never had a bubble post WW2 mainly due to this. But off course the IMF doesnt like this system. They are now pressuring Germany for more banking consolidations. If u want to do a video make sure ur facts are correct bcoz u r emberassing urself

  5. At work we have an HP 6214a bench series power supply dating back to 1969…
    At the backside of the device it says: "Made in West Germany"… Still works great without issues.

  6. Germany 🇩🇪 is doing great the only reason is human development and its investment in human capital. Enjoy the benefits till 25 year and work rest of your life. A normal German contributes 35 years of his life in the German tax system and also to the pension fund. Long live my second home

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