US completely pulling out of embassy in Afghanistan over the next 72 hours
 | BWG
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US completely pulling out of embassy in Afghanistan over the next 72 hours | BWG

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The United States is pulling out all US personnel from its embassy in Kabul over the next 72 hours, including top officials, two sources familiar with the situation … .


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46 thoughts on “US completely pulling out of embassy in Afghanistan over the next 72 hours | BWG

  1. The soldiers were all told "get off your bunks & grab your junk,it's time to pull out men!" In short, there was a lot of confusion those last few days. To make matters worse, once they landed on US soil they were thrown in the brig for indecent exposure.

  2. Why did Biden withdraw his army, leaving behind civilians from the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Australia and Japan! China and Russia have agreed to hold a secret meeting to steal $ 1 trillion in rare metals and $ 0.2 trillion in Opium in northern Afghanistan!

  3. Truth you won’t report:
    This Af withdrawal was NOT Trump’s deal. His “deal” had preconditions for each withdrawal step.. gutted by the this admin.. a task force was set up to monitor Taliban compliance along the way- that task force was disbanded by this admin.. there was NO Trump withdrawal plan or draw down that considered removing military before civilians.. there was No Trump withdrawal that included abandoning Bagram AFB and singing over $82 billion in weapons, armed vehicles, aircraft and Blackhawks to the Afghans.. which was quickly usurped by the Taliban.
    The MSM Crrrrap is getting. very deep.
    OKAY: the US State Dept initially said “make out this form and make your way to the Kabul airport”… Many tried.. beaten, blocked, paperwork torn up.. then US State Dept “You’re on your own. We can’t help you get to the airport”…. yesterday, US State Dept said “Don’t travel to the Kabul airport and if you’re outside the airport – leave”… A few hours ago.. UK Representative “there is credible evidence of an ISIS attack on Kabul airport” .. anybody else putting this together?

  4. My God people! America literally elected into the Presidency AN ALZHEIMERS PATIENT! What did you expect? We have open borders. Rampant inflation. Skyrocketing crime. High gas prices. And now a debacle the likes of which have not been seen since 1975 or 1979 – and you are surprised? HE HAS DEMNTIA!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD !!

  5. I'm getting out of the US military as long as Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Nancy pelosi has made so many mistakes strategically and this newest Iraq mess and letting the Taliban take us equipment I am currently resonating my duties in the US military I no longer want to be part of Joe biden's army I'm getting out Joe Biden is the worst president we have ever had in the United States of America I am resignating and no longer will be at post

  6. The afghan people betrayed US… how can you risk your life and climb on top of airplane but not fight the taliban if you are so against them. US has absolutely no obligation to afghans who are so coward that they didnt have the courage to fight the taliban with the most sophisticated US supplied weopanry. how can you help people who dont want to fight for what they believe in ? they just want to run away … i thought afghans were the most brave. CNN is just making this a melodrama..
    US was betrayed by afghan govt. , afghan army .. in the end you get what you accept .. then accepted Taliban .. GO FIGHT THE TALIBAN INSTEAD OF GOING TO THE AIRPORT >>.

  7. ANYWHERE THE csNA-criminal state of North America (Formally the u.s.)
    No1 Who is an emeRiKan Will B Safe ANYWHWERE THIS PLANET & DESERVEDLY SO,
    KARMA ???????????

  8. I am writing to you from Poland how it is possible that the equipment of the 300,000th Afghan army funded by your money went into the hands of the Taliban almost without a single shot. It will cost us all dearly. I no longer have confidence in your army and your leaders.

  9. Biden just keeps making himself look like a fool. Border, covid, inflation, trying to raise taxes on middle class. Cutting salt tax from rich. Now Afghanistan. Dude just looks like he is so badly overmatched. But it would be worse with Kamela Harris lol. Could you imagine her incessant cackling when asked why we left 15k Americans in Afghanistan?

  10. Pulling out of Afghanistan is another failure by our government! Anyone supporting leave is supporting genocide and slavery because that is what is happening to the local people! I fought there! I know you don't care about human life on the other side of the world but when I fought there they were real people who we helped! We didn't just kill people we also built schools, hospitals, water treatment plants and more. They will all be destroyed. All you cowards who support pulling out YOU FAILED OUR MILITARY!!!!

  11. Our daughter reached out us today, in an attempt to get the truth of what is going on in Afghanistan. This is what you would be reading right now if the propaganda outlets actually only told us the FACTS:

    What’s unfolding in Afghanistan is tragic. As always, we heard a President defend his policy. No politician ever takes blame for anything. Note: When they say “they take full responsibility” IT MEANS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! The more than $2 trillion spent; the 2,448 American lives lost; the 20,000+ American military wounded; and the promises made by both Democrat and Republican administrations that we would stay the course until they had freedom and democracy—all for nothing. The Taliban who took over the country are Islamic extremists who have no mercy and no respect for human life.

    As of today, the Taliban control more territory than before we invaded. They are now in possession of more Blackhawk helicopters than 166 other nations. Thousands of guns, dozens of light tactical vehicles and army pickup trucks, drones, rocket launchers,………… everything we armed the Afghan military with!!

    How did this happen? President Barack Obama negotiated with terrorists to get back Bowe Bergdahl, the guy who chose to go AWOL and join the Taliban. The top level terrorists that Obama traded for this traitor, the 'Gitmo 5', included Khairullah Khairkhwa, the very guy credited with organizing and leading this Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan! NOTE: US INTEL OFFICIALS BEGGED OBAMA NOT TO RELEASE THIS MAN FROM GITMO. He did it anyway.

    There was a plan for American/foreign withdrawal, based on certain goals being met by the Afghan leadership and military. THESE GOALS HAVE NOT BEEN MET! The Afghan military has proven they WERE willing to fight; 66,000+ have died, AS LONG AS WE KEPT PAYING THEM!! Biden’s decision was made without regard to this plan solely for symbolic/political optics since 9/11 is approaching, 20 years from the terrorist attacks that brought about the war.

    The decision to abandon the promises made to Afghanistan is very likely a death sentence for many freedom-loving Afghans AND POSSIBLY THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS WHO ARE STILL THERE AND TRAPPED!! Today we saw some try to cling to a departing aircraft, only to fall to their deaths in a desperate attempt to escape what they know the Islamist Taliban brings. Tens of thousands of Afghans who worked for America as translators and in other jobs are left as targets for these butchers because there was little thought given to a plan to get them out safely. We are now being told that the Taliban is going door to door in search for US collaborators. Every woman who has received an education in the last 20 years is now at risk. The Taliban considers women sub-human, and they have a reputation for killing women who have been educated. Mothers who teach their daughters to read and write are executed by these brutal Islamic extremists. The Taliban is taking girls 15 years and younger from families and raping then trafficking them. They are also killing husbands with young wives and doing the same.

    Christians in the country are now hiding out in the mountains with just the clothes on their backs. Winter will be approaching soon and there is no way to get them aid. The Taliban has a ‘list’ of Christians and churches and believers are now being hunted.

    I have NEVER agreed with America operating as the ‘policeman’ of the world or ‘nation-building’. As far as I am concerned, virtually every police action/war we have risked our soldiers lives in since WWII have been driven by the ‘military machine’, the legalized corruption (lobby money) or our thirst for oil. BOTH political parties are responsible for these senseless military exercises!!

    YES, our troops should not be there or in MOST every other place in the world but NO ONE can believe this is the proper way to handle it! When did so many people become so ‘sold out’ to a political party that they will defend ANYTHING that party decides to do? How can any country in the world trust America now?

  12. Unvaccinated people will soon be labeled as undesirable’s, and history paints a clear picture of what happens to citizens who are labeled as undesirable’s by a socialist government. |

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  14. Can't help but agree with him that this should have been expected based on "Previous" interactions with both Afgan & Tali's over a 20 yr period and more than a single encounter with BOTH ? Oh yea, the U.S. "Always" has a "lack of Intelligence" too draw on, and they use it, Proficiently!

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