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31 thoughts on “Why Is America So Rich? | BWG

  1. America is not the most prosperous country in the world. Not unless you have a rather strange definition of prosperous. America lags behind western Europe and Japan in standard measures of prosperity such as life expectancy, access to decent health care, infant mortality, reported happiness, crime rates, etc… America is prosperous by global standards, but not by first world standards.

  2. Sorry if this is not accurate, but i think the US is actually poor, since it has trillions of $ in debt. Im from europe, and there, the taxes arent as high as in the US (for example in the US u simply pay more or u have taxes that we dont have: tax for ambulance). If it werent for all the money u barrowed and some lucky buisniss geniuses, u would have been as poor as an european nation.

  3. This perfectly explains the economic failure of current Modi Government of India.
    Increased bureaucracy,Socialist policies & tax terrorism killed economy of India from 2014-21.
    Only God knows the path to which India will tread from now on.
    God bless India !!

  4. Glad the fur industry is dying. The cruelty to the poor animals is monstrous. Otherwise agree with free enterprise. Don't forget, though, that numerous inventions were created and developed with public research funds.

  5. This country America makes itself LOOK good with all of its products. And all are fooled. The country is a coward to what it is and has done. They agree also using cars to entice people and trying to look good in the same way.

  6. Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.

  7. Progress takes hard work and creativity. Both mean leaving your comfort zone, something people generally don't like to do if they don't have to. Public sector folks don't have to, it's not like there's a competing government you have to worry about. Private sector folks don't have that luxury. If they don't move to improve their product, their competition will, so they have to. That's why free market economies thrive, while managed economies stagnate.

  8. yet govt subsidized R&D lead to breakthroughs which are later handed over to the private sector to explore and improve: the work that NASA did during the space race now benefits the blossoming private space industries like SpaceX. The Internet itself was a military information infrastructure project, and which now serves the private and public sector. The Govt investment in the interstate freeway system lead to a boom in the car and trucking industries. The private sector is good at improving things, but govt subsidized pet projects can also seed innovation that the private sector shows no interest in at first: one new frontier is the heavy govt subsidies placed on electric cars, which now Tesla has started to really take to the mainstream where previous electric car models floundered. There is a place for govt investment and subsidies, but yes we all agree private enterprise will take it to the next level.

  9. The real solution is psalm 23 by king David. How can humans begin to govern themselves when we don't know fully how it will play out in the long-term. We are young compared to the universe and we are not alone. We also have God who hasn't shown himself to the people for so long. Want a perfect solution? Let God do everything for you because God is perfect. The phrase "I shall not want" has the same context as this: when someone ask another "why did you do that?" And he/she responds " bc I wanted to." God does everything for me and I don't do anything so I don't get in God's way. Now I am perfect.

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