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Crazy life of Chilli |
‘ it will be 3 bars of chocolate, a multi pack of popcorn, a sourdough loaf and a bottle of wine. ‘ oh that gave me a good giggle haha. Thankfully for the moment I really don’t have the cash to consider that, so weirdly that might help. I definitely think twice at the moment before taking my card out.

I’m getting off lightly this stretch with my nightshifts because I’m only doing 3, as I’ve got a week off next week using up holidays. Due to starting Friday night though, shopping will wait and I’ll get a click and collect after my last shift on Monday morning – so plenty time to plan and arrange the list.

I was thinking the other day, in the past I would have tried to motivate myself with rewards, ya know if I lost a stone I’d buy a few new clothes etc. I really can’t do that this year but I mostly make my own anyway – sadly the price of fabric doesn’t make this cheap, but it does make them fit! For the next 6-9 months in particular it’s likely I really need to hang on to my cash as much as possible. I do have some fabric sitting that isn’t used though so I think it’s time to be more inventive. I’m gonna aim for 175lbs then I’ll make something from my stash. Should be heading for nicer weather by then, I definitely have 2 pieces of fabric I bought last year with dresses in mind. I haven’t often worn dresses my entire life – I’m trying to be different! More open to change, less open to the negative opinions of others I probably have fabric for at least 5 or 6 pieces if I get my imagination out …

Food today well… Still using up the contents of the house but I did buy some eggs yesterday.

So in a bit I’ll have brunch, perhaps boiled eggs mashed up with a bit of salt and pepper, maybe a slice of bacon and some fried onions. Probably a yoghurt at some point (I don’t have much calcium other than a little milk in tea generally) Dinner later is going to be either breaded fish or chicken pies as that’s what’s left in the freezer. I’d usually have them with chips/potatoes/pasta/rice but I’ll have extra veg and either none or just a little of the carbs, especially with the pies as they have pastry obv. On saturday we’re having pizza, but there is a lone chicken breast in the freezer that isn’t enough to make a dinner for 3, so I’ll have that when the kids have their pizza. Go me woohoo forward planning :D In other news inspection of the jar instead of the app I binned tells me that options hot choc is 7.6g carbs per portion and not 25 so actually I could still have that now and then I think.

I’m going to get some gram flour and coconut flour and experiment with recipes to make lo-carb crackers. I did this last time I lost weight but with almond flour, but it’s more expensive and harder to get. At this stage I can’t afford to be too fancy, but gram/besan is pretty cheap in tesco and so is coconut flour. I really like a cracker with cheese, or something to dunk in me soup.

You know my life has changed so much in the past 2 years, I’ve been really pushed to tap into my inventive creative side, forced to embrace the unknown. The thought of it made me so uncomfortable, but now that I’m ‘in’ it… well… I love it. There’s no going back. I’ve fought against this kind of lack of sureness about how to manage and what happens next my whole life, always needed things to be ordered and planned, but I’ve found such freedom in letting it go, falling into the craziness of really having no idea what I’m doing from one week to the next, but it has so much potential in it! So much choice, so many unexpected solutions. I’m happier than I’ve been in years even with my huge ass.

I didn’t mean to turn into Ms philosophical, but I do like to ramble.

Have a nice day all :)

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