FootballGAF 2021/2022 |OT| The battle to survive, rebuilding after disaster.

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FootballGAF 2021/2022 |OT| The battle to survive, rebuilding after disaster.

Yeah Messi should’ve been let go last year. His salary is completely out of touch. Especially now. Everyone says Messi gave Barcelona a lot, which is true though there were a winning side before he made his breakthrough as well. But he also took like 500 million euros over the last few seasons. That final construction, a 5 year contract for a 34 year old player is something you shouldn’t want as a club, Barcelona should be happy that it didn’t come through. PSG also signed him for just 2 years with an optional third. Its not like Barcelona won anything significant the last few seasons, with Messi on board. You need more than just that.

I think Laporta isn’t unhappy with this. During the press conference and his interviews I can’t shake that feeling off. He’s a sly fox after all. And the way they’ve laid it out is that all the blame is on La Liga and Bartomeu. So Laporta can rebuild, get out of debts while he’s just offloaded Messi without taking any blame for it.

Maybe I’m a bit too romantic but we had Robben under contract last year. He basically agreed with no wages, just a small fee when he played. When you’re so loaded like these guys are, you can also show a bit of loyalty. I wonder if that really wasn’t an option for Messi. I guess 750 million isn’t enough. Its also his salary, and his past recommendations (signing Tata Martino etc, recently Aguero) that hurt the club.

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