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Hi peeps. Haven’t been on here in forever but back to it and I remember minimins being a constant bunch of encouragement and support

I was reading over my old thread on here and was in two minds to revive my old thread or start a new one but decided this is a new start so new thread.

So my journey has been going on for a bunch of years. In the past I had some success with weight watchers on the pro points plan. Fast forward a couple of years and I had a disaster of an attempt on Cambridge and tried to switch to WW again but didn’t stick with it so here I am again. (Cambridge broke me lol)

This time I have different motivations and reasons for going for it, hopefully enough to stick to it and get to goal.

So coming back (again) I am 25lb lighter than when I first joined the site so some has stayed off (yay) but still a way off where I want to be.

I wasn’t planning on being back on diet although I was seriously cutting out sweets and treats and trying to make better choices.
I attended a hospital appointment with my daughter (18) about her ongoing knee problems. Her knee dislocates. A lot. 2 surgeries and almost 4 years of chronic pain later we are still looking for the why.
Anyway, her surgeon is doing new scans and advised her she needs to loose weight.
She has been very much restricted with exercise she can do and added on the insane pain levels she, like me, turned to food to “feel better”. She is now in the position that even if they identify the problem, the surgeon wont operate due to her bmi being what it is. Added onto that the extra weight is putting more strain on her knee, causing more pain etc.
Its taken someone else to explain this to her to motivate her into making changes.

I wouldn’t have her diet and not do it myself, so here I am too along for the ride. I DO need this too but that was the deciding factor.

We started on slimming world under a week ago. Within a few days I already wasn’t liking it. A lot of my problem is portion control and I felt like I was overeating.
I told my daughter that I was switching to weight watchers but would still eat what she has but just track it differently. She also decided to switch.
We decided to use the old pro points system as I know it well and there were still apps available for pointing and tracking. It worked for me in the past and I felt it suited me then and now ;)

We talked about attending classes before we started but we agreed we are accountable to each other, we weigh in together and support each other. The money saved goes towards the increased grocery bill and allows us the extra bits we need to keep up on plan!

Fist weigh in tomorrow (this one is just a 5 day week for us to do the weigh in on the day we want). Looking forward to seeing progress for both of us. Will report back tomorrow with the results :)

Thanks for reading and looking forward to getting to know you!

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