Guidance for new salesperson

Hi, I have a small B2B SaaS company and have just hired the first salesperson in long time. Previously I had been doing sales myself with a business dev person but she wasn’t able to do the job. We also have an email drip marketing system set up, sending emails to thousands of prospects based on best match criteria from our zoominfo subscription.

I could use some guidance on how to manage, motivate, and set expectations for this new salesperson.

Because I really have no basis for sales expectations or number of calls per day, I’m not sure what is reasonable for a salesperson, particularly during this initial three-month period to see if she’s a good fit. She is paid a base $50k, but we haven’t yet established any terms or commissions because there is so much unknown.

The salesperson is an experienced B2B brick and mortar type salesperson, but has little experience with technology and tech SaaS sales.

She is currently doing about 50 to 70 calls per day, but I think I’d like to see more, given the salesperson end her day at 4pm.

What kind of balance do you recommend for making calls and doing research on developing her pitch, etc? There isn’t much individual email currently because there are very few people responding – more than 90% of calls go to voicemail.

It’s going to be particularly difficult during this holiday season, with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years approaching. What recommendations do you have for work on the Friday after Thanksgiving? What can she do instead of making calls to be productive?

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