Susie’s 2021 lifestyle overhaul

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Hello all

I’m Susie and would love to join you here for what I hope is my successful "once and for all weight loss to goal" plan!

A bit about me – I used to be active when I was a kid, but oceans of wine at University and desk jobs and no exercise for the 20 odd years since then have seen the weight creep up – and up – and UP! I finally said enough a couple of years ago and tried SW, WW, Slim and Save and Atkins – the latter being most successful, especially with the support of some great people on that section of Minis.

But low carb is hard to do if you’re not 100% committed. I work long hours and just kept failing to consistently prepare low carb food for breakfasts and lunches. The saying "Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water" was completely made for me, because I’d fall off the wagon and head straight for a sausage roll or four – and, I have to admit, regular binge drinking. I really hope no one minds me putting this brutal truth here, but I’ve really been using it…

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